Return Air Filter Plenum with Collar


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Every forced air heating and air conditioning system requires a filter of some kind to protect the equipment. This filter rack connects to the return side of the furnace or air handler. When a filter is installed in the rack, your equipment is protected from the damaging effects of large dust particles present in every home’s air. For best heating and cooling system performance change your furnace or air handler filter every 1-2 months.

Made in America by hand from American made 26 Gauge Steel Galvanized Sheet Metal .
There is a 3/4″ hem flange on one end, and the other side is fitted with an end cap and collar.

The door can slide from ether side allowing for easy access.

Filter is not included.

Although it normally takes a little more time and effort on our part, our products are typically riveted together. Riveting, versus spot welding, provides a more durable bond resulting in a longer lasting rigid part that will serve you for decades.

We are a complete sheet metal shop , and can handle nearly any job. Please feel free to contact us with all your duct work needs! Our prices are fair and our quality is unmatched.

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20x20x1 w/ 16" Collar, 20x16x1 w/ 14" Collar


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