Sheet Metal Return Air Shoe with Filter Rack


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This shoe also houses an air filter rack with an integrated air filter rack. There is a 3/4″ hem flange on one end. The filter is accessed by a sliding door, which can be set up to open from either side. Slips and drives are included. Although it normally takes a little more time and effort on our part, our products are typically rivited together. Riveting, versus spot welding, provides a more durable bond resulting in a longer lasting rigid part that will serve you for decades.If you require different dimensions please contact us and we can make to your specifications. Our shoes are made from American 26 Gauge Steel Galvanized Sheet Metal.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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25×16 to 25×10, 24×16 to 24×10, 20×16 to 20×10


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