About Us

If you are replacing duct work or adding a new HVAC system and want to avoid using cheap, flimsy, weak parts, you have come to the right place. Our parts are made from thicker gauge metal, and we use rivets and bolts to hold our components together. Sure it takes a little longer than spot welding, and might cost us a little more, but the result is a stronger bond that will not come loose when you need it most.

Our parts are hand made. Sure, we still use tools, but there is zero automation in our manufacturing process. This means each piece is carefully bent and shaped with an observant eye, and a steady hand. Each piece is checked and inspected throughout the entire manufacturing process, rather than one in every batch.  This ensures a quality product to every customer, not just a majority.

We offer a variety of regularly manufactured parts. However, it is possible you have a non-standard setup. That is no problem, we can custom make most parts to your specifications within a usual turn around time of less than 10 days.